A Place for Pittsburgh LSU fans.

Let’s face it, being an LSU fan or alumnus in Pittsburgh isn’t exactly the best place in the world to watch the Bayou Bengals do battle on Saturdays.  It’s easy to get lost in the sea of Pitt, Penn State, and WVU fans here in Pittsburgh.  You can go months without seeing the Tiger’s Eye or hear that familiar chant of “Tiger Bait, Tiger Bait” This blog is here to get all the LSU fans in the ‘Burgh together.  Let’s put LSU on the map in Pittsburgh and let the Bayou Bengals rock out in Southwestern Pa. Geaux Tigers!

Just a quick link on somewhere that is mildly LSU fan friendly… the saloon in Mt. Lebanon usually will let you have a TV on with sound.  The saloon has some great beers on draft and a good bottle selection.  Another place that currently has Abita Purple Haze on tap is the Bottleshop cafe in Heidelburg.   Call ahead and ask if they can reserve a TV for Whatever LSU game is on, but you won’t get sound.

Drop us an email if you want to get together and watch a game or have an LSU Style tailgate. last week was a big pot of jambalaya, crab stuffed jalapeños, guacamole, and plenty of Abita Beer…

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