LSU Fans Looking For Cajun Food in Pittsburgh

If anyone is looking for authentic creole or cajun food in Pittsburgh, unfortunately you might have to look for a while longer.  James Street Tavern and A Taste of New Orleans have apparently both closed.  I just called in Shadyside and they don’t serve Abita Beers at all?!  I don’t know about y’all, but there is a definite need for some real cajun food in Pittsburgh.

The only mention i could even find online was an article from the tribune review that has a glossary of cajun/creole dishes but it doesn’t make any mention of where you can actually have shrimp creole or crawfish ettoufe in Pittsburgh.

Crawfish season is coming up and there isn’t a restaurant that serves boiled crawfish that we can find anywhere.  If anyone has a recommendation or knows something that I am missing, please let me know.

Please come to Pittsburgh

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2 Responses to LSU Fans Looking For Cajun Food in Pittsburgh

  1. Gerry Vojtilla says:

    Where can I find a place that LSU fans congregate? bar? restaurant?
    Signed – Sad widow of LSU fan

  2. Just sent you an email- Welcome to the group!

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