Burning Down The Barn at Auburn…

Well this is it folks.  No need to sugarcoat this weeks game against Auburn.  We are at a point in the season in which we are either going to get out there and prove ourselves, or begin our road to a second place finish in the SEC West.  I can’t remember a time where the Auburn game has meant this much this late in the season (other than the 2007 run to the BCS Championship) but nonetheless…  This is a big one.  Auburn trounced Arkansas late in the game and clearly showed that they have the ability to score all day long.  Will it be enough to beat the Real Tigers from Red Stick?  Not so fast my friend…  Miles has been playing his cards all season long and so far he has come out with a wining hand each time.

This weekend we are having a tailgate in Mt. Lebanon that will start around 1 PM with the game being shown outside (weather permitting) please let us know by Friday morning if you are in and I will email out the details.  Thinking brisket, dirty rice, stuffed jalapeños, Tiger Tea, and bacon wrapped oysters…

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