LSU vs Bama Tailgate at the Mt. Lebanon Saloon

The verdict is in and the majority voted for the Saloon in Mt. Lebanon for the game.  We will be getting there close to 6PM to occupy the back corner where the big screen is.  Beer prices are good as well as the food prices as well.  They have taken care of us for years, so it’s time to return the favor.  We have a confirmed number of 36 so far, so If you have not gotten back to us… please do so soon. This is going to be the game of the century.  The Tussle in Tuscaloosa.  The Bayou Beatdown… Here we Geaux!

LSU Brad Wing

You Know it... You're A Tiger Fan

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2 Responses to LSU vs Bama Tailgate at the Mt. Lebanon Saloon

  1. Janice Shapiro says:

    You already have me (Janice) and my husband. There is another paralegal in my office who lives in Dormont who went to LSU for 1 year and is a fan. She too would like to come along! Thanks.

  2. Dan Hackett says:

    Had such a blast tonight already looking forward to LSU-Arkansas!

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