LSU vs Arkansas Tailgate in Pittsburgh

After the tremendous amount of people that we had out for the LSU/Bama game, we decided to have another tailgate for the Arkansas game the day after Thanksgiving.  In total, I counted 47 people that joined us for the tailgate.  It was single handedly the biggest to date.   Since everyone will probably have leftovers, we will have a “bring your own dish” tailgate.  We’ll cook up some turkey gumbo and white bean chili as well.  The pictures from the LSU tailgate at the saloon will be up this weekend.  Thank you to the Mt. Lebanon Saloon as well for hosting us…  We are ready for Arkansas, but bring on WKU and Ole’ Miss first!

We also got a chance to meet Bob from   If you are out of town for any LSU game, you can actually go to his site and find where the local LSU bar is.

Geaux Tigers – Chris


LSU Fans in Pittsburgh Founders... Chris & Chris

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