LSU Info

LSU tailgating is something that everyone should experience.  If you have ever been to a tailgate in Baton Rouge, then we don’t have to explain it to you because you already know.  Food, Fun, and Friends are what it is all about.  From the band’s run down Victory Hill to Pregame inside of Tiger Stadium… it doesnt get any better.  LSU was also just named by WPXI as the top tailgating destination in the entire college football landscape.

6 Responses to LSU Info

  1. Simon Ferrer says:

    Is any one gathering for tomorrow’s game against McNeese St.? My wife’s an LSU alumn and we want to watch the game. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Ashley says:

    Hey fellow TIGER fans!i just moved here from Baton Rouge and today is game day! I googled ya’ll and I’m so happy there is a group..i can’t join in the festivites today but next game day–i’m there! I look forward to meeting and drinking with everyone! GEAUX TIGERS!

  3. Brian Dickmann says:

    I am new to Pittsburgh and an LSU graduate. How can I go about becoming a member of your Alumni group.

    Brian Dickmann

  4. Brian Dickmann says:

    I will be their.


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